Friday, 17 February 2012


Things have been very busy... two guys came on Wednesday and spend hours putting things in boxes and wrapping up pictures from the walls.  I tried to help, sometimes by lying in the doorways so they would have to step over me, and also by tasting the wrappings and boxes to see if they were of good quality.

Slave persuaded them to leave a couple of big boxes, so I've been personalising my new box home.  Everyone wants to stroke me and take pictures of me with their phone, as I am so beautiful and large.  Guess I don't blame them, as I am beautiful.

There have been more people coming and giving Julie money and taking away stuff.  Everyone wants a piece of me.

These huge wooden crates arrived this week as well:

Slave says the top one is for me, the middle one is for the twins, and the bottom one is for Willow, when we go on our long journey.   They are very heavy, and Slave is worried about getting them all in the hire car for the journey down to Heathrow.  I'm a bit worried that they have wire bottoms, not very comfortable, but she says there will be nice soft fleeces and rugs on top of the wire, so it will be all cosy.

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