Tuesday, 28 February 2012

The Journey Begins

Well, yesterday Slave loaded us all into these big boxes that had been sitting round in my bedroom for a couple of weeks. I had my own box, as did Willow, and the stripy buns were sharing.  We set off in the car and drove FOREVER.  The box was fairly comfy, but it was a long time.

We arrived at this place - very noisy, you can hear these loud noises all the time, and Julie carried us one by one into a room.  It was nice to get out and explore... especially as there was a big fortress in the middle of it that we could all get underneath.  She put one of our litter trays under there so we could pee in hiding.

After that long journey, Holly and I decided to put aside our differences and all four of us just hung out together.  Willow chased me a bit *blush* and we all had some nice cuddles and pellets.  Slave had some friends come by who gave us strokes, and parsley and nuts and dried fruits, so we liked them quite well.  Thanks Dani slave and Sue slave!

Here are me and Willow having a cuddle.

Slave is up early this morning, so must be more chaos!

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