Wednesday, 1 February 2012


Hello.  I'm Cinnamon Bun, or Cinny for short.  I am a 1 year old agouti French Lop that lives with three other bunnies and our slave Juliebun, who is taking the dictation whilst I nibble on some hay.  Here is me.  I am regal, aren't I?  My favourite things to do are chew holes in Julie's clothes and furnishings, jump up on her bed nice and early every morning to wake her up, and of course eating.  Mmmm  love a bit of banana!

I suppose I better put up pics of the other buns as well.

Willow is the gorgeous big white bun, Holly is lying on top of him, and Clover is just behind.

Well, that's all for today, as the greens and carrots have just been laid out.

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