Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Progress and Stress

Well, mum has got a buyer for the bunmobile, which is good news, though she seems quite sad at the prospect.  Here it is with a visiting charity bun for Bobtails Rescue
The good news is that they now have these in the States (Fiat 500s) so if (please God, when) she gets a good job, she might be able to get another one.

The next stress is having to hire a car to take me and the others down to London to get on a plane in these big boxes.  Mum is worried that the boxes are so big that the hire car (something called an estate car) won't fit them all in, along with suitcases full of hay and pellets, and perhaps a few things for the slave.

As it's been so cold here, I've been jumping up on her bed at night and increasingly early in the morning for extra cuddles.  She loves this (even though she pretends to be grumpy when it's 4am) but does grumble about all the fur I leave on her duvet cover.  I heard her mumbling that there was enough to make another bunny.  She should be glad I leave reminders of my beautiful self everywhere.

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