Saturday, 17 March 2012

Across The Big Water

First of all, on behalf of my slave, I apologise for the drought of postings to this blog.  She kept finding some excuse not to take my dictation - trying to find work, that kind of thing, etc.  So sorry.

Back to the post... ok.. it was 'leap day' - 29th of Feb, and slave and all of us woke up in this hotel in London, having had a nice sleep under the bed.  She then starting moving stuff around, huffing and puffing.  Then she grabbed each one of us in turn, took us out of the room, down the electric box, outside back into our monogrammed boxes.  I managed to evade her most deftly, so I was the last one loaded into the car.  We then set off again.  This time it wasn't a very long journey.  We went to a big warehouse type area and sat around waiting for 10am, as the people in charge at something called Cargo wouldn't take us before then.  Can't understand why they would not be eager to have our company as long as possible.

Here we are in our boxes:

So slave left us at this place, where we were loaded on to pallets and forklifted away.  Slave was blowing kisses and telling us to be good.  I don't know what she thought we could get up to in such small areas.  We were then loaded onto the big metal PLANE.  Luckily our viewing widows were set up so we could see each other.  Slave gave us lots of food, water and veggies and hay, so we assumed we might be in there for a while.

There was some vibration and big noises and stuff, but then it was just sort of like we were floating, and we all managed to doze off.  A while later, there was more big noise, followed by a big BUMP.  Some people took us into another warehouse.  It was much colder.  Lots of people peered in at us.  Finally I could hear slave's voice in the distance, but the other human was saying that customs was still waiting to clear us (the very thought of us not being cleared!!) so she couldn't come and say hi.  After a further bit of waiting around, and grandpa slave slipping the other person $50, they let slave and grand slaves come and get us.  Slave was crying when she saw us, she said it was cause she was so happy that we were ok.  What's the big deal?  They took us out into the cold and loaded us into two cars.  A bit more driving, and then we were loaded into our new temporary home.  As we were still all getting on together, slave put us all in together.  Wasn't too impressed with the layout, but slave said it was just temporary while she set up our deluxe new accommodation.

We were glad to be out of the boxes at least, and could stretch out.

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

The Journey Begins

Well, yesterday Slave loaded us all into these big boxes that had been sitting round in my bedroom for a couple of weeks. I had my own box, as did Willow, and the stripy buns were sharing.  We set off in the car and drove FOREVER.  The box was fairly comfy, but it was a long time.

We arrived at this place - very noisy, you can hear these loud noises all the time, and Julie carried us one by one into a room.  It was nice to get out and explore... especially as there was a big fortress in the middle of it that we could all get underneath.  She put one of our litter trays under there so we could pee in hiding.

After that long journey, Holly and I decided to put aside our differences and all four of us just hung out together.  Willow chased me a bit *blush* and we all had some nice cuddles and pellets.  Slave had some friends come by who gave us strokes, and parsley and nuts and dried fruits, so we liked them quite well.  Thanks Dani slave and Sue slave!

Here are me and Willow having a cuddle.

Slave is up early this morning, so must be more chaos!

Sunday, 26 February 2012

It's getting close now...

Well, we had our vet checkup on Friday... and were all proclaimed fit and well to travel.  It wasn't too painful, though the VET did cut our toenails.  The indignity!

Slave has been running around frantically... not sure what is going on.  She did abandon us overnight on Saturday, and sent that Carl human to look after us.  She said she was going up to Shilbottle to say goodbye to people.

She didn't even bring a piece back for us.  Hrumph!!

Slave and some other human friends in the pub

Slave with step mum Hannah.  We miss her.

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Shocking Behaviour!!

I just have to report the bunny abuse that happened yesterday... we didn't receive our evening pellets until MIDNIGHT last night!!  Slave went off to see some guy sing for a couple of hours.  I don't know what the world is coming to.  I suppose we did have plenty of hay and grass to eat, but that's not the point.  She came home happy though and gave us our pellets straight as she got through the door.

Here's the guy.  She told us it was great, and she was right at the front, and showed us the bruises to prove it.  Not that we were concerned about anything but our dinner!!  silly human.

Sunday, 19 February 2012


We are all enjoying our new super duper heavyweight boxes... Lots of chewing noises going on today.

Here I am in mine:

Here's Willow taking possession of his

And here is a conference with Willow, Holly and Clover.

Friday, 17 February 2012


Things have been very busy... two guys came on Wednesday and spend hours putting things in boxes and wrapping up pictures from the walls.  I tried to help, sometimes by lying in the doorways so they would have to step over me, and also by tasting the wrappings and boxes to see if they were of good quality.

Slave persuaded them to leave a couple of big boxes, so I've been personalising my new box home.  Everyone wants to stroke me and take pictures of me with their phone, as I am so beautiful and large.  Guess I don't blame them, as I am beautiful.

There have been more people coming and giving Julie money and taking away stuff.  Everyone wants a piece of me.

These huge wooden crates arrived this week as well:

Slave says the top one is for me, the middle one is for the twins, and the bottom one is for Willow, when we go on our long journey.   They are very heavy, and Slave is worried about getting them all in the hire car for the journey down to Heathrow.  I'm a bit worried that they have wire bottoms, not very comfortable, but she says there will be nice soft fleeces and rugs on top of the wire, so it will be all cosy.

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Progress and Stress

Well, mum has got a buyer for the bunmobile, which is good news, though she seems quite sad at the prospect.  Here it is with a visiting charity bun for Bobtails Rescue
The good news is that they now have these in the States (Fiat 500s) so if (please God, when) she gets a good job, she might be able to get another one.

The next stress is having to hire a car to take me and the others down to London to get on a plane in these big boxes.  Mum is worried that the boxes are so big that the hire car (something called an estate car) won't fit them all in, along with suitcases full of hay and pellets, and perhaps a few things for the slave.

As it's been so cold here, I've been jumping up on her bed at night and increasingly early in the morning for extra cuddles.  She loves this (even though she pretends to be grumpy when it's 4am) but does grumble about all the fur I leave on her duvet cover.  I heard her mumbling that there was enough to make another bunny.  She should be glad I leave reminders of my beautiful self everywhere.